segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

To Bonga

The soft parade


Nursery bones,
Winter women
Growing stones,
Carrying babies
To the river;
Streets and shoes,
Leather riders
Selling news,
The monk bought Lunch.
He he he, he bought a little.
Yes, he did Woo!

This is the best part of the trip.
This is the trip, the best part
I really like it.
What'd he say?
Yeah, right!
Pretty good, huhHuh!
Yeah, I'm proud to be a part of this number!

Successful hills are here to stay,
Everything must be this way.
Gentle streets where people play,
Welcome to the Soft Parade.
All our lives we sweat and save,
Building for a shallow grave.
“Must be something else”, we say
“Somehow to defend this place.”
Everything must be this way,
Everything must be this way, yeah. Aah, yeah!
The Soft Parade has now begun
Listen to the engines hum.
People out to have some fun,
Cobra on my left,
Leopard on my right, yeah.
Deer woman in a silk dress,
Girls with beads around their necks,
Kiss the hunter of the green vest
Who has wrestled before
With lions in the night...
(When all else fails,
We can whip the horse's eyes
And make them sleep and cry).”
*The doors (Versos de Jim Morrison)

2 comentários:

  1. Bonga, obrigaaaaaada!!! Estou a adorar o trabalho k tens feito no blog...escusado dizer k está no top dos meus marcadores!
    Votos de bom fim-de-semana! Txi amu! Kisses

  2. Uabá Bonga a bo pom um responsa. Brigada! Um tamob tambem. Bijim grande e tcheu força.